Kitsa vahekäigu tõstukid (VNA)

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA)

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks are specialized forklifts designed for efficient operation in tight warehouse spaces. They optimize storage by navigating narrow aisles, making them ideal for high-density storage, order picking, and precise material placement. VNA trucks ensure high throughput, offer automation options, and reduce operating costs by maximizing vertical space. They find use in various industries, requiring specialized training for safe operation. The VNA forklift provides the driver with an ergonomic work place: All the control elements are laid out ergonomically and easy to reach. Control is easy with multi-axis levers and there is plenty of storage space to make working easier in the spacious cab. Various mirrors and camera systems improve all-round view, which enables the driver to avoid strenuous body movements.

Advantages of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Trucks over the competition:

Energy Efficiency: Linde's VNA trucks incorporate energy recovery during braking and load lowering, reducing energy costs and bolstering sustainability, a feature not universally present among competitors.

Safety Features: Linde's turret trucks come equipped with safety devices such as the Aisle Safety Assistant (ASA), which minimizes accident risks. This commitment to safety enhances Linde's competitive advantage in terms of operator well-being and workplace safety.

High Throughput: Linde's VNA trucks boast impressive throughput rates, processing up to 30 pallets per hour in high rack warehouses. This higher productivity distinguishes Linde's trucks from some competitors.

Assistance Systems: Linde's optional assistance systems provide advanced safety features and aid in navigation through the warehouse. These systems contribute to accident prevention and help operators navigate narrow aisles more effectively.

Linde System Control: The Linde System Control optimizes lift and driving speed based on load weight, enhancing performance and safety. This dynamic control system sets Linde apart by ensuring precise and efficient operations.


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kitsa vahekäigu tõstuk a seeria
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