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Warehouse trucks

The movement, storage, and transportation of items within a warehouse or industrial setting is the sole purpose of warehouse trucks, also referred to as industrial trucks or material handling equipment. These trucks are  essential for increasing production, efficiency, and safety in distribution centers and warehouses. To fulfill diverse material handling requirements, they are available in numerous forms and combinations.


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Pallet Trucks

Linde offers a wide selection of Pallet Trucks and Pallet Lift Trucks with lifting capacities ranging from 500 to 3,300 kg. This versatility caters to a variety of material handling requirements across different industries.

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Pallet Stackers

Linde offers a versatile range of electric pallet stackers, designed for loads of 800 to 2,000 kilograms. With a slim chassis, they excel in tight spaces, ensuring precise and agile load handling. These stackers feature smooth, energy-efficient ...

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Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are a special type of forklifts designed for warehouses with narrow aisles and high shelves

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Order Pickers

Order pickers are specialized material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to retrieve items from storage locations, such as shelves or racks, for order fulfillment processes

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Kitsa vahekäigu tõstukid (VNA)

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA)

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks are specialized forklifts designed for efficient operation in tight warehouse spaces. They optimize storage by navigating narrow aisles, making them ideal for high-density storage, order picking, and precise ...

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