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Terberg Special Vehicles

Terberg Special Vehicles is a leading name in the design and manufacturing of specialized vehicles for a variety of markets, including ports, distribution centers, industrial settings, waste & recycling, and airports. With a focus on durability and ease of service, Terberg offers a wide range of vehicles such as Terminal Tractors, Roro & Industrial Tractors, Low Cab Tractors, Body Carriers, Container Carriers, Road Rail Tractors, and Aircraft Loaders.

The company is committed to innovation, offering electric and hydrogen-powered options, as well as automation features like 'drive by wire' AutoTUG. Terberg has a global service network and works closely with competent distributors worldwide.

Product range:

  • *Yard / Terminal Tractors (YT Series): Trailers and containers are moved swiftly within a terminal or yard using yard / terminal tractors (YT Series) in ports and distribution facilities.
  • *Port RoRo and Industrial Tractors (RT Series): These tractors are intended for industrial applications as well as use in port environments, particularly for Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) operations.
  • *Low Entry Tractor (DT Series): This tractor is made with a low entry cab for simple access and is frequently used in applications requiring frequent stops and starts, such as urban distribution.
  • *Body Carriers (BC Series): Thanks to their agility and tight turning circles, these trucks are excellent at shunting swap bodies at distribution locations.
  • *Container Carriers (CC Series): Specially made for moving open-top and ACTS containers at recycling and waste management facilities.
  • *Road Rail Tractors (RR Series): These tractors are suitable for applications that require transportation on both roads and railroads since they can run on both surfaces.
  • *Aircraft Loader: This specialized vehicle is utilized for airport catering logistics, streamlining and enhancing operations through the use of swap bodies.

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