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Our activities include sales, rental, maintenance, and repair of the following equipment: forklifts, warehouse machinery, container handlers, tow tractors, side loaders, reach stackers, warehouse racks, and forklift accessories. We also offer batteries, forks, tires, and battery chargers for all forklift brands.

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Linde forklift



77 Series and up to 20 model variants, Linde Material Handling's product range is larger than that of any other manufacturer. In addition, we have expanded the product portfolio with equipment from Konecranes, Terberg, Logitrans, Dimos, and Bulmor.

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diisel kahveltõstuk

Forklift rental

Rental solutions offer you a cost-effective and flexible way to acquire the necessary material handling equipment. This allows you to quickly adapt to fluctuating demands and operational needs.

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laotõstuk rendiks


Shift work or harsh working conditions – industrial forklifts are heavily burdened work equipment. Regular maintenance significantly reduces costly repairs and extends the lifespan of the machines

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forklift maintenance and repairs

Shelving & racking

We offer you efficient solutions for optimal storage and productivity enhancement. Thoughtful design and high quality reduce costs and promote seamless workflows and efficient inventory management.

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Bito shelving and racking products

About us

Our main line of business is sales, rental, and maintenance of heavy machinery.

We offer a variety of services, including the sale of new and used equipment, rentals, maintenance, and repair for various types of machinery such as forklifts, warehouse equipment, container handling equipment, tow tractors, side loaders, reach stackers, storage racks, and forklift accessories. Additionally, we provide spare parts, batteries, tires, and battery chargers for all forklift brands.

Our main partners include Linde, Konecranes, Terberg, Logitrans, Bito, Dimos, Bulmor, Aerolift, and Linde Hydraulics.

We have been active in the market since January 23, 2007, and during this time, we have gained significant experience and grown to become a recognized and reliable partner in the field of material handling equipment in Estonia. Our highly qualified team assists you in fulfilling your needs and solving challenges that require solutions. We ensure that your equipment is always in proper and safe condition.

If you expect from a machine:

  • reasonable lifecycle costs
  • long-term spare parts support
  • very long service life
  • high level of safety
  • ergonomic design
  • reliability and excellent efficiency

Our range of material handling equipment includes all of these features and ensures long-term cost savings for you. We offer professional consultation both during the equipment purchase and afterward. We guarantee competent and reliable after-sales service and swift delivery of spare parts.

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