forklift maintenance and repairs


Prevention of Breakdowns and Repair Costs

Ideally, industrial forklifts wouldn't need repairs at all. Apart from accidents, most repairs for warehouse equipment or forklifts result from continuous usage and normal wear and tear. By timely recognizing, minimizing, and preventing wear and tear, you can avoid major repairs.

We employ only industry-standard technologies and genuine manufacturer parts in the maintenance and repair of equipment, allowing us to provide fast, reliable, and high-quality service.

Maintenance intervals align with the manufacturer's requirements, and for heavier workloads or harsher environmental conditions, they are adapted based on the specific machines. In addition to regular maintenance, we can provide recommendations for preventive measures to avoid downtime and repair-related costs.

Benefits of regular maintenance:

  • Ensures maximum machine performance and usability
  • Early detection and prevention of damage
  • Avoids unexpected repairs
  • Predictable and transparent maintenance and service costs
  • Enhances the resale value of the machines

Regular maintenance ensures consistent operational readiness for all forklifts and reduces downtime and repair costs

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