Bito shelving and racking products

Shelving & racking

We offer a variety of storage options for all kinds of businesses, focusing on pallet goods. From pallet racking to automated storage, we've got you covered. Our goal is to maximize your warehouse space and streamline operations.

We don't just plan; we also assist in installation to make sure everything runs smoothly. Plus, our support continues after installation to keep your storage at peak performance.

Our track record proves we deliver space savings, better warehouse operations, and improved storage management. At Willenbrock Baltic, we're not just providing storage solutions; we're helping you succeed.

We are official dealers of BITO Storage Systems. BITO is a leading provider of high-quality shelving and racking solutions designed to optimize storage and organization for businesses across various sectors. With a focus on innovation and customization, BITO offers a range of award-winning products and comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of each client. As authorized dealers, we bring you these top-tier storage solutions, backed by expert consultation and full-spectrum services.

We are also official representetatives of Ferretto. Ferretto Group SpA is an Italian-based company that excels in the design and production of advanced storage, handling, and filing systems, including cutting-edge automation solutions. With a legacy spanning over 65 years, the company provides a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and services, complete with consultation and after-sales support, to meet diverse storage and handling needs.

Product range:
  • BITO bins & containers: 

    A comprehensive range of container systems, including picking containers, stacking bins, small part and multi-purpose boxes, storage containers, and trays for automated warehouses, all can be found in the BITO product range. BITO containers ensure optimum protection and visibility as well as straightforward, economical, and environmentally friendly handling. They are robust, ergonomically sophisticated, and available in a variety of configurations or designed to your own needs.

  • BITO shelving for non-palletised loads:

    Shelving, multi-tier installations, mezzanines, carton live storage facilities, and automated storage systems are some of the BITO storage solutions for unit loads. They are made using cutting-edge technology, which ensures consistently high product quality, and have been intended for use with small, large, light, and heavy loads as well as bulky and long goods.

  • BITO pallet racking systems:

    Palletized items have a variety of storage options from BITO. We provide a full range of storage options to optimize pallet storage at your warehouses and picking locations in accordance with your precise requirements, including traditional pallet racking, pallet live storage, drive-in racking, automated pallet storage, and shuttle-assisted storage.

  • BITO container transport: 

    Driverless transport systems (DTS) ensure quick material delivery and shorten trip times. Consequently, they are rising in popularity among manufacturing firms. BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH created LEO Locative as an example of such a driverless transportation system. The simple installation of this automated system results in its instant readiness for usage. LEO Locative never blocks aisles or gangways as it travels along an optical path set forth by floor markings. It can move boxes and containers up to 44 pounds in weight.

  • BITO storage systems for long loads: 

    You need specialized storage solutions that are tailored to the length and weight of your stored objects if you want to store lengthy, hefty items.Therefore, storage solutions for lengthy loads like pipes and profiles, flat objects like wood and steel panels, or bulky commodities must be uniquely manufactured to order, fitted to both the stored goods and the available storage space.

  • FERETTO vertical storage systems:

    By utilizing above spaces, this system maximizes facility space while preventing expansions. By delivering items fast to operators and cutting down on walking time, it increases picking efficiency. Order tracing and inventory control are improved by real-time tracking. Ergonomic item retrieval improves worker safety by lowering the risk of lifting and walking-related accidents.

  • FERETTO racking system for AS/RS:

    The shelving units used in the Ferretto Group's autonomous and self-supporting systems are designed and created on-site. In order to be able to build and recommend the most appropriate earthquake resistant construction, our staff closely collaborates with the customer to understand their demands and the unique characteristics of the commodities to be stored. We design and produce shelving units for Miniload and customized storage systems, as well as storage systems for bars and plates, in addition to shelving for self-supporting systems.

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