News 29. May 2023

The new generation counterbalance forklifts have arrived!


Industry 4.0 Ready

An important innovative feature is that the forklifts are fully network-connected as standard equipment: taking into account the strictest security requirements, relevant data is transmitted to a cloud server accessible to customers and sales partners. Data can be managed and analyzed by all. In the future, software updates can be carried out and functions can be activated, such as real-time cargo weight indication, through an online program. We will be able to tailor forklifts to changing customer needs throughout their lifecycle, even needs that we are not yet aware of today. Remote diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and preventive maintenance are already available, reducing forklift downtime and helping to reduce costs.

Increased Safety and Productivity Thanks to Better Visibility

Unlimited visibility everywhere is a crucial condition for fast, accurate, and safe operation when using forklifts. The visibility from the lifting mast side alone has been increased by 20 percent compared to the old model. Thin A-pillars and asymmetrical mast profiles enhance the field of view, making it easier to position the load with millimeter precision. A flatter counterweight allows for better rearward visibility, a reinforced glass roof provides maximum visibility and optimal protection. The weatherproof cab of the new Linde models ensures optimal side visibility due to fully glazed doors. Additionally, the "Protector Frame" concept with tilting cylinders and load-bearing structure ensures mast stability and maximum residual lifting capacity. In terms of safety, Linde Material Handling is committed to a vision of zero accidents: the goal is to reduce the number of accidents to zero in the long term. Lighting options such as LED light strips and VertiLight non-glare illumination, along with warning and assistance systems like Linde Safety Pilot and Linde Safety Guard, contribute to this effort by providing the driver with additional information about the location of other forklifts and individuals, helping to prevent accidents. Linde's loading aid is included as standard equipment, actively intervening as soon as the load approaches the lifting capacity limit.